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Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial Run

Why do a Trial Run?

Many brides opt for a trial run of hair and makeup two or three months before their wedding day. A trial run allows one of our creative consultants to work with you prior to your big day to ensure the perfect look – we will test different hair and makeup options on you until you are satisfied with the presentation. We will also work with your bridal party to coordinate the perfect look.

A trial run is to determine what hair style and makeup look that the bride and the bridal party would like to have.

Every detail concerning your makeup, hair and scheduling information is all taken care of at this time, to avoid hectic last-minute choices on the day of the wedding. The bride will receive the service of makeup application and hair styling done to see what she specifically wants and feels comfortable with. Our job isn’t complete until you love it. Our trial runs also include a verbal consultation with the bridal party and the mother of the bride, to discuss their desired looks. Once the booking is confirmed, a chart is done with all necessary information to have consistency for the wedding day, and a picture is taken for comparison.

Get a Quote

We would be happy to meet with you at our showroom location to give you more information and to see how we can be of service to you.

To schedule an appointment to meet one of our bridal consultants please contact us.

The trial run is quite time consuming between 2 – 3 hours on average for both makeup and hair.
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